As there are numerous potential causes of back and neck pain, Orthopedic Associates’ Pain Management practice utilizes a comprehensive approach to diagnose and treat the cause of each patient’s pain. Throughout the diagnosis, treatment, and recovery, Dr. Richard Dentico's goal is always focused on the needs of the individual seeking treatment with the belief that our therapies are being done with them, not to them.

We incorporate all aspects of a patient’s medical background and history with the latest in diagnostic testing to determine what the primary and possible secondary causes of an individual’s pain may be.

In addition to medication and physical therapy one of the core elements of treatment we utilize is a variety of interventional injection therapies. These treatments are outpatient therapies – many of which take 15-30 minutes to perform and can be done in a procedure room located in the office. These treatments are based around the idea that giving a focused amount of medication directly to the site where the pain may be coming from in the neck or back may alleviate the pain an individual experiences. There are a variety of such treatments based on the different sources of pain in the neck and back almost all of which are done under X-ray guidance to ensure medication is delivered to a precise location. Our physician has been specially trained at some of the top teaching hospitals in the country in the latest medical science has to offer with regards to such therapies.