Tigges Visits Hondorus

Dr. Russell Tigges recently traveled to Honduras with the non-profit organization Baseball Miracles to teach boys and girls with economic and environmental disadvantages baseball and softball. Baseball Miracles provides children with instruction, gloves, bats, hats and shirts at no cost. Their mission is to serve others and see the joy of a child hitting and catching a ball for the very first time.

Dr. Tigges joined Baseball Miracles in 2014 as the Medical Specialist of the organization. He heard about it through John Tumminia founder of the organization.
“It is a humbling experience to work with a group of people who are willing to volunteer their time and effort to help others who are less fortunate.” says Tigges

Baseball Miracles has 12 dedicated members that do fundraisers and clinics throughout the year across the United States. They are involved with Major and Minor League Baseball. This year, the MLB donated a couple hundred baseball caps that were left over from previous draft days. These caps went to underprivileged children.

Through donations, Baseball Miracles tries to travel to two different destinations per year to help underprivileged children in other countries learn about baseball and softball. This year, they traveled to Honduras in late January.

“According to Dr. Tigges, Honduras was a heartwarming experience, seeing smiles and near-tears of joy in the childrens’ eyes to receive this equipment and to have Baseball Miracles volunteers give several days of their lives to just give these children instruction, joy and a feeling of being important.”

To see more of Dr. Tigges’ trip to Honduras and the lives Baseball Miracles has touched, visit: http://www.baseballmiracles.org/honduras.html