There is no need to wait for an X-ray or to travel to an outside facility fighting traffic along the way in order to get an X-ray. You will not only waste your time but delay your diagnosis. Every Orthopedic Associates office has state-of-the-art imaging facilities on-site to ensure you get the test you need, when you need it. As a result of our commitment to provide you the best care, Orthopedic Associates has integrated digital X-Ray in our offices which enhances our patient’s experience. Images are available immediately for doctors’ use. The images are stored in your electronic medical chart and if you should need them they can be made available on a CD.

MRI Services

OADC offers state-of-the-art Scan and MRI Services.
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OADC also offers Arthrogram and EMG Services.
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OADC offers X-Ray right here in our office locations. Fast and convenient for our patients.
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OADC MRI has 3 convenient locations throughout the Hudson Valley.

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