What Our Patients Have to Say About Us:

Fourteen months ago, a simple fall left me with a debilitating, painful, and aggravating ankle injury. Extremely upsetting for any person of course; but, for me it completely stripped and deprived me of my passion, my career, and an achievement I had been working on since I had been 15. As a Registered Nurse, I’m the one who’s supposed to be providing care to my patients, not be a patient. I was referred to OADC September, 2014. Multiple physicians simply couldn’t place a finger on my problem, let alone figure out how to treat it. I saw your Physiatrist, Dr. Dentico, who was very friendly, compassionate, and considerate. He listened to my detailed history and pointed me in the right direction. The end of September, I saw Dr. Shen for the first time. Immediately upon meeting him I knew he would have the answer that I had been looking for, (for 7 months at the time). By the second visit with Dr. Shen, he had my problem pinpointed. I underwent physical therapy (per his orders) before surgery to strengthen the muscles in my foot. On April 9, 2015 I underwent a left ankle arthroscopy, lateral collateral ligament reconstruction, and peroneal tendon exploration. Being an RN (and a patient who had never had surgery before), I bombarded Dr. Shen with tons of questions. All of those questions he answered honestly, professionally, and in amazing detail. I have the upmost confidence in Dr. Shen as a surgeon, a doctor, and as a person who has extreme compassion for his job and his patients. I’m 3 weeks postop now; I had my first follow up and everything is going as planned. Aside from Dr. Dentico and Dr. Shen, the entire staffs at both OADC and SCOA are phenomenal. They’re friendly, courteous, helpful, and just all around wonderful. I couldn’t of asked for a better first time surgical patient experience. Thanks to OADC, I will be getting my life back, and will once again be able to do what I was born to do. You all are the best of the best!

Knee Replacement

I had struggled with chronic knee pain for almost a decade when I had the good fortune to meet Dr. Tigges. I had known for years that my knee had to be replaced, but had postponed the decision primarily out of fear for the potential for a negative result, as well as the prospect of a prolonged recovery. Finally, the pain and impact on the quality of my life became too great.

Dr. Tigges replaced my right knee and within two days of surgery I was discharged from Northern Dutchess Hospital. My recovery was amazing. Within a very short period of time I was walking without assistance. Even with the post-operative swelling, my overall pain level decreased immediately as compared to what I experienced prior to surgery.

Dr. Tigges and his staff were attentive and responsive. They adjusted the date of my surgery schedule to coincide with my work schedule. I never waited more than 10 minutes at an appointment, and was treated with courtesy and respect by everyone in the office.

As I write this it has been less than two months since my surgery. All I ask myself is why did I wait so long? It has been a wonderful experience and I would heartily recommend Dr. Tigges, his staff, as well as Northern Dutchess Hospital to anyone who is considering knee replacement surgery.


Left Hip Replacement

I had my left hip replaced on November 21, 2016, by Dr. Russel Tigges, at the Northern Dutchess Hospital in Rhinebeck, New York. I cannot praise this doctor enough. He and the staff at the hospital are absolutely the best. I was in so much pain before the operation and the day after the operation (of course I had pain where I was cut) but the excruciating pain I had been in was totally gone. It has been exactly 6 weeks since the operation and I am walking without a cane, and even though I have to be careful, i''m doing just about everything I could do before my hip was so painful. In my book Dr. Tigges is one of the best surgeons I have had the chance to encounter. He will definitely be doing my knee next.


The Spine Institute

"Living in pain was no fun, so I called Orthopedic Associates of Dutchess County. They immediately set me up with one of their many great doctors. It was then quickly determined based on my past issues with my lumbar spine, further testing would be needed.

Once all the tests were done, Dr. Renaldo determined I needed surgery. He quickly set me up with everything required for surgery. Three days after having a L4-S1 fusion (lumbar) surgery, I was back climbing ladders, and building projects that I could not do before.

I truly believe that Orthopedic Associates of Dutchess County is a determined group of professionals that are striving to provide the best possible care for their patients while providing top-notch health care options. Their surgeons practice new techniques that allow them to best address your issue in the most professional manner in regards to your health care needs.”


High Level of Quality Care

About six weeks ago, I had Arthroscopic surgery, at your surgery center, due to an injury to my shoulder that wasn't improving with standard treatment. The staff at the center was great. They were thorough, professional and friendly.

But, I am most grateful, and thankful for Dr. Maurer, and feel very fortunate to have had such a highly skilled, and experienced doctor and surgeon, performing my surgery and for his continuing treatment and care. After moving to Ulster County, from NYC, several years ago, I never thought I would find the level of care I once received in NYC, but I was wrong. The skills and quality of care from Dr. Maurer and OADC, represents the best in the Hudson Valley. Thank you to Dr. Maurer, the staff at the Kingston office, and the surgical center. You're simply the best!


OrthoExpress Poughkeepsie

I would like to express my gratitude and appreciation for the outstanding service provided by your staff at OrthoExpress Poughkeepsie.

April 15th I fell at 2:30pm, I arrived at OrthoExpress at 3:20pm. The receptionist, Denise, was not only efficient but also thorough and expedient in procession my information and getting me to the "help" I needed. The nurse, Michele, was as competent and efficient. She explained the procedure, who I would be seeing and what would happen. I was introduced to a pleasant and capable technician who was responsible for my x-rays. Upon completion I was greeted by Dr. DiMarco's physician assistant. She began our conversation with the good news.......I did NOT need surgery. She explained that I had 3 broken bones in my ankle. I would be in a hard cast for a few weeks, then a boot.

Your staff was so accommodating and pleasant throughout the entire experience. Upon explaining that my son was a radiologist in Syracuse and would like to see the x-rays before casting, they were eager to accommodate this request.

John was the next competent professional I was introduced to. He explained what he would be doing and my limitations while in the cast. I am 73 yrs old and this is the first broken bone I have ever had. My knowledge was limited.

My experience at Ortho Express enabled me to recommend your facility, without hesitation or reservation, to family, friends and acquaintances. I was in my car on my way home at 4:50pm.
Thank you for providing this excellent service.


OrthoExpress Kingston

I heard about OrthoExpress Kingston at my child’s sporting event. I have been having pain in my right knee and thought I would try OrthoExpress out to see if they can diagnose my problem.

As soon as I went there, Kayla at the front desk was very pleasant and helpful with helping me fill out paperwork and insurance information. I immediately was seen by Eric Myers, she was able to get an x-ray and a MRI right then. The x-ray showed I needed to be braced for my knee. They had a person on-site to fit me for a brace. I was pleased that the whole process took not even 2 hours, and if I went to a ER waiting room I would’ve been there a lot longer.

All of the staff and OrthoExpress did an exceptional job and were very professional, they made it a great experience. One time, One Place, Everything Was Done!


Herniated Disc

Over 20 years ago I played college football and never felt the effects of the injuries until now. I am an avid golfer and love to play sports and spend time with my children. Over the summer I was swimming with my children, I dove off the diving board and came out of the pool with my neck crooked. I didn’t know what happened, but I was in pain and couldn’t move my neck straight.

I went to Orthopedic Associates Kingston office to see Dr. Dentico. The x-rays showed I had 4 herniated discs in my neck and 2 were bulging. The herniated discs were from years ago when I played football and I never knew it. Dr. Dentico explained all treatment options both conservative and surgical. Dr. Perkins also agreed to the diagnosis. I wanted to avoid surgery if possible, and Dr. Dentico took his time to show me the x-rays and go over pain management options he can do to alleviate the pain. Knowing that I was in pain, Dr. Dentico did everything he could to squeeze me into his next treatment schedule.

After receiving the cortisone shots and physical therapy, I was pain free and back on the golf course! I am grateful for Dr. Dentico and its treatments. He was very friendly and professional and did every option to avoid surgery and get me back to my normal lifestyle.

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