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Joint Replacement


Sometimes the intense pain we feel in our shoulder, knee or hip can not be treated through more conservative methods. When non-surgical options for painful and damaged joints fail, the quality of life for many patients suffer. Orthopedic Associates of Dutchess County can offer our patients the latest options for joint replacement surgery to alleviate pain and get you back to the daily activities you enjoy.

While certainly a major procedure, joint replacement can give patients years of pain-free living when other, more conservative, treatment options have been exhausted. With the help of our fellowship trained joint replacement surgeons, everyday activities like walking, gardening, golf and spending time with children are restored to patients who have had to significantly alter their lives and the activities they enjoy as a result of their condition.

Determining whether to undergo total joint replacement surgery is a big decision but one that can result in a significantly improved lifestyle. Orthopedic Associates' joint replacement surgeons, Dr. Russell Tigges, Dr. Michael Schweppe, Dr. William Colman, Dr. Stephen Maurer, Dr. John McLaughlin, Dr. Mark Aierstok, Dr. Frank Lombardo, and Dr. Ken Rauschenbauch all have extensive experience and specialized training in hip joint replacement, knee joint replacement, and shoulder joint replacement. 

Joint replacement surgery entails replacing a severely diseased joint—most commonly the hip, knee, and shoulder—with an artificial implant. Recent advancements in joint replacement surgery have allowed surgeons to provide better results and faster recovery times for patients.

By working with each patient individually to evaluate their current level of pain, limitations, the degree and type of disease and long-range prognosis and their goals and expectations, OADC’s expert surgeons help guide the patient concerning the surgical options available and rehabilitation.