Athletic Training

Orthopedic Associates of Dutchess County is dedicated to the health, safety, and success of the communities we serve. By providing athletic training services to school districts through our Athletic Training Outreach Program, our team of Certified Athletic Trainers ensures the highest quality health care for our local student athletes. Orthopedic Associates is proud to provide Athletic Trainers (ATC's) to 18 schools across 16 districts.

From pee wees to pros, ATC's are the athlete's first line of defense for remaining healthy and active. When an injury does occur, ATC's are often the first health care providers to evaluate the injury, determine the severity, and make the appropriate referral. Nationally certified and state licensed, ATC's are primarily responsible for injury prevention, orthopedic injury evaluation, emergency management of athletic injuries, and rehabilitation of athletic injuries.

Locally, our ATC's are crucial members of their respective teams' athletic departments. They can be seen daily on the sidelines at practices and competitions caring for student athletes, and behind the scenes working with school administrators to develop important policies and procedures to ensure the safety and long term health of young athletes.

Injury prevention and maintaining an active lifestyle are a large part of what we do. Orthopedic Associates is committed to ensuring that our local youth learn healthy habits to build strong bones and muscles to avoid orthopedic issues as adults. We thank the many local districts who have entrusted their students to our care.